What is your story telling approach?

There is two parts to this answer. One of them is very technical, and the other is very artistic. Our technical approach comes down to the really boring but essental basics. Composition, lighting, focal lengths, and basically videography 101. While seemingly uninteresting, these are the foundation for any good film. Artistically speaking, when we capture a day we are looking for emotion, and the sometimes unseen moments (a gentle touch, that over the shoulder gaze, or the flutter of your dress when you slip on your shoes). It’s these things that inspire us (and hopefully you too), and will truly bring you back into the feelings of your day.

What camera’s do you use?

We love shooting on Sony’s! Typically we use A7s and 6500.

Do you have backups?


How do you select music for my film? Can I help?

Music selection is actually one of the most time consuming, and artistic parts of a wedding film! Often times we shoot a wedding and think, ‘OH! I have the perfect song in mind’, only to realize later that the song just. doesn't. work. With this in mind we take full creative control when it comes to song choice. If you are particularly drawn to the ‘feel’ of one of our films (upbeat, slow and romantic, etc), we are happy to talk more about making that happen!

What is a Documentary Film?

We like to think of a modern take on a home video. It’s shot on stationary camera’s (documentary style), while you highlight film will be cinematic in nature. It’s the video you will want to pull our on your anniversary, or show the kids when they grow up! It will include the entire ceremony and (if applicable): Grand Entrance, First Dance, Speeches, Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dances, and Cake Cutting. This film is shot on stationary cameras, and will be lightly edited and color graded.

When should I expect to receive my wedding film?

Highlight Films are delivered about 4 months after your wedding, and longer edits will be delivered at about 6 months. We work off of a queue, so during busy season, this could be a bit more.

How do you deliver the final products?

We have that digital delivery is the easiest and smoothest way to deliver your films. This includes unlimited downloads, so your mom, grandma, aunt and uncles can all keep a copy with no additional charge.

How long do you keep our footage?

We keep your footage as long as we can! This is usually until our hard drives fill up, however we always guarantee it for 6 months. During that time is is available for you to purchase. We will always reach out to you before getting rid of any footage.

Do you offer discounts?

To honor our current and past brides, we do not make a habit of offering discounts. If you’re on a tight budget, we can always customize a package to suit your needs. Feel free to reach out to us about The Squeeze.

How do I book you?

We book on a first come first serve basis, and always recommend reaching out ASAP to be sure we are free. We require a 50% retainer to secure your date, and the remaining 50% 60 days before your wedding.